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Octane Toys USA
Octane Toys USA
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Octane Toys Has been running in some shape or form since 1993. We started just with collector fairs mainly with trading cards. Moved on to Online Auctioning before online Auctioning was fashionable and before Ebay became king. Attempted to run a Collectible Shop and a Video Game shop. (But due to various aspects closed both down before they really had a chance to go anywhere) Continued to be Exclusive Partners with Australian Auction house SOLD.COM.AU (The Evil Yahoo Bought and ran it into the ground). Even attempted to start a toy line or two and have several unpublished video game projects. Continues to Auction occasionally Exclusively on Ebay Oz, Ebay and Oztions and the odd trade show in the USA.

Octane Toys USA online store was started in 2005 and is where Octane Toys Australia is administrated from.

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