Project Perceptor
The Build
A very easy way of making a helmet.  Take one Plant pot and mixing bowl.  Cut
the bottom out of the mixing bowl and attach to the pot.  Cut the rim of the pot
off.  Cut and sculpt with cardboard extra pieces, cover with masking tape and
paint.  Cut piece for face.  Originally the head was to be made from Paper Mache
but time constraints forced other creative alternatives.
The chest piece started out with humble beginnings.  Actually my someone spent 3 hours to get it to the first photo stage.  (I
was slightly annoyed that 3 hours and all you have is 2 pieces of cardboard taped together.)  Add another 12-14 hours and you
get to photo 2.  Again learning from the mistakes of the past, although the chest pieces is made up of about 5 individual
pieces, this time the pieces are anchored to each other by cutting tabs out and poking them thru the under piece and not
taping them directly to each other.  Also the sides have Velcro making the front and back piece able to split and open like a
clam.  Making for it really easy to put on and off like if it was made one piece.  (Like our friend Shockwave was)  Painted it
looks quite good although the photo does not do the amount of detail justice.   
Mock ups with human at various stages of build.  Day 1 and Day 3.  Note the mess building a bot creates.  Lounge area was
trashed with cardboard everywhere.  
Learning  thru the mistakes of the past.  Perceptors lower leg is made up of 2 pieces.  Thus creating an ankle joint.  Poor
Shockwave has only a one piece leg, making walking a lot more stiffer.  It was a dam fine idea that my girlfriend, Alexis the
one wearing the suit, came up with.  It worked rather well even if it only gave forward movement in the ankle.
Paint applied in 2 days.  Again we used about 2 undercoats of white paint.  The final coats where applied with spray paint.  
Spray paint going on a lot easier that using a brush.  Although a lot harder to find colors that where needed.  The blue took
forever to find.   The WARNING label on the spray can says to use in a well ventilated area, not a closed garage like I did.  
(Was high for about a week afterwards, I think killing brain cells I did was not the most brightest idea I have had.  Although
I was amused by the smallest of things and could ice skate on carpet for some strange reason.  
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