Project Perceptor
The Build
Believe it or not Perceptor was constructed in only a 6 days.  (Did I say this
was not going to happen like this??  I was going to take my time but one day
less the Shockwave and bot number 2 is constructed.)  Construction began on
18th September and was completed 23rd September 2005.  60+ hours that
went into building him but I must admit I had some help this time.  Although
there was 2 nights I spend about 15 hours straight on him.  Very little sleep
over a week as we wanted him ready for Botcon 2005.  Again it is primary  
cardboard and a lot of tape (again).  I painted him in only 2 days and used
spray paint instead of house paint this time.
Cost of Build ($USD)
$12      Tape
$12       Paint
$15       Clothing
$  3       Material
$  6       Hardware
$  3       Food Items
$  3       Gardening Items
$54         Total
As you can see
Perceptor does
transform but
impossible if
someone is in side.
 Probably could do
his tank mode as
Items Used
30 Various Boxes
3 Rolls of masking tape
1 Card Board Tube
1 Spring
6 Plastic lids
1 Plant Pot
1 Mixing Bowl
1 Yard of red cloth
3 Feet of Waist Elastic
2 Feet of Velcro Tape
1 Pair of gloves
1 Red Sports Shirt
1 Blue Sports Pants
1 Pair of Tennis Shoes
1 Square of Foam
1 Quart of White
1 Can of Silver Spray Paint
3 Cans of Black Spray Paint
6 Cans of Red Spray Paint
1 Can of L.Blue Spray Paint
Day 1 Construction.  Lower legs,
Lower Arms, Feet, Started chest
piece, Shoulder Cannon.
Day 2 Construction.  
Upper Arms & 15 hours
odd work on the chest
piece adding detail.
Day 3 Construction.  
Lower Body, More
Chest work & Helmet.
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