The Toy Vault : Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles
Line : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacture : Playmates
Year : 2002 - ?
DVD Variations
2004 Promo
2003 Promo
2005 Promo
2006 Promo
Collectors Note:- There has been 4 Special edition DVD releases only offered in the USA.  The first 2 years Walmart exclusively Releases of
Figures that have been packaged with DVD's.  2005 release was available to all US retailers available everywhere except Target.  2006 was
available to all USA retailers
DVD Promo 1
"Darkness on the
Edge of Town"
Casey Jones
Foot Gunner
Giant Mouser
Razor Fist
Scatin' Raph
DVD Promo 1
Foot Tech Ninja
Nanotech Monster

Splinter, Hun, April O'Neil &
Thrashin Mike
Collectors Note:-   The first promotion in 2003 included 2 different DVD's packaged
with different figures.  No figure was packaged with both DVD's.  The plastic bubble
packaging was increased in size to place the DVD behind the Figures.  These DVD came
in cardboard cases.  Episode 6 of the cartoon "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and
Episode 9 "Garbageman" where included.  Walmart only.
DVD Promo 2
"Evil Encounters"
Armorized Shredder
Baxter Stockman
Casey Jones
Deep Divin' Mike
Turtle Toddlers
Ripped Up Leo
Ripped Up Mike
Silver Sentury
Tricertion Warrior
DVD Promo 2
"Secrets behind
the Shells
Gardian Ninja
Razor Fist
Ripped Up Raph
Ripped Up Don

Shredder, Hun, Deep Divin' Don,
Deep Divin' Raph, Deep Divin' Leo,
Thrashin Mike & Skatin Raph
Collectors Note:- The second promotion in 2004 included yet another set of 2 different
DVD.  This time the packaging was minor changed to fit the DVD behind the card.  
Although it is basicly the same size as the regular release plastic bubble.  It did not feature
a case this time. Again different figures received different DVD's and no figure was
packaged with both DVD's.  This time the DVD's where more of a recap/promo for the
show rather than episodes. "Evil Encounters" and "Secrets Behind the Shell" are mini
recap of the show.  Walmart Only.
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