The Toy Vault : Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles
Double Carded Figures
Line : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Manufacture : Playmates
Year : 2005 - ?
2005 Promo
Michelangelo / Ultimate Ninja
Donatello / Traximus
Raphael / Foot Gunner
Leonardo / Silver Sentry
Space Hoppin / Space Hoppin
Donatello         Michelangelo
Space Hoppin / Foot Elite
Leonardo        Gurad
Turtle Titan / Foot Fire
Mike           Mystic
Fightin Gear / Giant Mouser
Deep Divin / Hun
Biker Don / Multi Arm
Collectors Note:- The Double card was only available at Walmart
in the USA the First set was available in 2005.  There was 11 total
in the set.  The card where actually 2 bubbles afixed to the one
backing card although it does look like 2 cards side by side with a
Bonus 2 pack stuck to it.  These where displayed in boxes of 10 on
endcaps so both Casey Jones/April O'Neil and Turtle Titan
Mike/Foot Fire Mystic where packaged 1 every 2 display cases and
are considered rarer.  These where available for a limited time at
the regular price of one turtle although it did appear that the
price of a TMNT figure did increase while this promo was available.
April O'Neil / Casey Jones
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