Project Transformer
Yes Transfans I an attempting to build multiple costumes over the next
year.  Originally it all started with an idea in 2004 (Thus Project
Shockwave was born)  Built in about a week with many mistakes made
and lessons learned.  2005 I started thinking I wanted something
different.  Project Perceptor was initiated for Botcon 2005.  The more I
thought the more I wanted to build.  Most are probably a little ambitious
the final may be totally out of my range both physically, financially and
technically.  But you can dream.....
Here are a couple of considerations I have thought about when I went into the whole idea of it all.  Initially when
I was going to build my first Transformer costume I wanted to build Starscream.  After seeing a fairly much kick
butt one that already created I dropped the idea (By a girl no less).  My next choice was going to be Galvertron
(Lots of PVC piping) but due to major time constraints, money this also got ditched.  (Still in my thoughts)  I
finally choose Shockwave.  (I am a sucker for the bad guys)  What I liked about him was his head has robotic and
not human like quite a lot of other bots.  (Although I plan to get ambitious to some degree in some of mine next
ones, I did not like the thought of sculpting a face)  Also he is reasonably recognisable which is fairly high on my
list.  Although Megatron and Optimus (Which have been done to death) are the most and then you may have
about another 10 characters that have be so overused and recycled that most people will remember them due to
name recognition or they are a standout character.  Boy would I love to build a Deadend, Overdrive, Huffer or
Bludgeon (Some of my favorite Toys/Charactures)  But who remembers them?  I sometimes think Preceptor or
Even Grimlock in Bot mode would not be know.  It is all about people knowing who or what you are which is quite
a task.  Even poor old Shockwave gets called just "Transformers".  So a lot of my choices are based on build
concept and recognition.
Project Shockwave
The Build
Project Perceptor
The Build
Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!
Project Kickback
Project Hound
Project Scourge
Project Devastator
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