Project Shockwave
Texas Superhero Convention
San Antonio TX  8th - 9th Nov 2004

San Antonio TX 18th-20th Mar 2005

Realms Con
Corpus Christi TX 20th Aug 2005

Botcon 2005
(Frisco) Dallas TX 24nd Sept 2005

Texas Super & Sci-Fi Collectors Expo
(San Antonio) Jan 15th 2006

1st Texas Superhero Con 2004
1st Chimearcon 2005
1st Botcon 2005
Can you say hot?  It is extra hot inside a cardboard suit lined
with Duct Tape.  About 3 hours and I am cooked.  I am thinking
of installing Fans to move some air about.  Also since it is built
for me it is very snuggly fitting lucky I am skinny.
Putting the pieces of the puzzle on can be a an trial in itself.  (And it
is not as cool as when the full costume is on, actually the braces do
make me look like a complete dork)    Note the trendy headband to
keep the sweat out of the eyes.  Ninja Soundwave?
Prize Winners at the San Antonio Texas Superhero Con.
Chimaercon 2005 assortment of Characters.
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