Project Shockwave
The Build
Shockwave is made up of 13 pieces.  The most
complex is the upper chest, backpack and lower
hips which all fit together.  These where the
final pieces to be constructed.  The backpack
alone took about 6 hours to construct.  Amazing
how complicated you can be when just fitting
boxes together.  The Arms, Legs and Head
where constructed first, the lower right arm
being the first piece of the puzzle.
Due to my time constraints and the way I constructed the costume.  The first pieces that where built got painted
first.  So that is why in various photos some pieces where painted and some where not.  There is at least 2
undercoats of white paint on the cardboard to seal the cardboard then 2 coats of the final color.  One major goof I
did early was using normal tape early on which all had to be re-taped with masking tape because the paint would
not stick to the shiny tape.  Duck Tape was used on any area that could suffer wear and tear like the joints and
on the lower feet.  The paint looks blue instead of purple because that's what you get when you take a photo at 2
am in the morning after much painting and much lower back hurting.
The final look of the bot after all paint applied.  Actually looked much better than I expected.  The major problem
was I had never tried the full costume on.  Only pieces like the arm or leg assembly or lower or upper torso.  
Mainly because it took 2 people to put on and I did not have a friend handy.  This worried me as my first test was
to be at a comic con no time for adjustments.
Shockwave the costume stands over 7 feet tall.  It takes about 25 mins to put on including the under clothing.  
The costume itself is impossible to put on with one person so it is a 2 person deal. The boots snap over my tennis
shoes, the upper legs fit in the lower legs which are held up by suspender.  The hip area just will not slide over
my hips and the upper torso has my head and arms to hold it in place.  The top flaps close with Velcro near the
head.  The Upper arms are held in place by the lower arms which in turn are held in place by my hands.  The
helmet raps around my head and neck.   Although articulated at the shoulders, neck, elbows, Wrist, hips and
knees there is not a lot of movement in the costume.  Much stiffness after an hour wearing the thing.  Visibility
thru the mesh helmet is minimal and needs a guide as to not step on small children.  Walking up steep inclines
and steps is virtually impossible as well.  But it does look very cool I must say.
2006 and Shockwave gets a new coat of paint and major repair.  Various conventions have taken there ware and
tare on the cardboard.  Patched up all bumps and breaks.  Went with the more purple then blue/purple.  Plus I
used spray paint making painting that much easier.  Downside is he is very shiny again which the flat house paint
did not do.  Up side I used flat black instead of shiny black on the face.  I am working on fixing this with some
overcoat of paint to flatten it out again so he won't be so shiny. (Whats Up with my neck? My Head tilts on a
funny angle and these photos are taken 6 months apart.)
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