Project Shockwave
The Build
Believe it or not Shockwave was constructed in only a week.  He was built
more on a whim than anything.  Construction began on 2nd October and was
completed 8th October of 2004.  7 Days from start to finish.  Which in
retrospect was kind of stupid.  There is over 35+ hours that went into building
him and I work a real job of 50+ hours a week.  Far too many late nights.  He
is primary made out of cardboard and a lot of tape (Far too much tape)
Although there is various pluming items and other bits and pieces.  I painted
him in only 2 days which again made a really rough job and if I do another
will definitely take my time.
Cost of Build ($USD)
$16      Tape
$22       Paint
$14       Clothing
$  7       Hardware
$  3       Food Items
$62         Total
As you can see shockwave does transform in some way into
gun mode.  Although this is quite impossible when there is a
human inside it.  Just can't snap my legs in half or pull my
head into my chest to be able to Transform like the toy.
Items Used
40 Various Boxes
2 Rolls of normal tape
3 Rolls of masking tape
1 Roll of Duck Tape
2 Tubes of Stick Fries Chips
1 Sprinkler Head
1 Sprinkler Riser
3 Various PVC Pipe
1 Pair of suspenders
1 Pair of packing gloves
1 Grey Long Sleeve Shirt
1 Grey Short Sleeve Shirt
1 Pair of Grey Pants
1 Pair of Tennis Shoes
1 Foam Pipe insulation
1 Gallon of Purple Paint
1 Gallon of White Paint
1 Quart of Grey Paint
1 Quart of Black Paint
1 Quart of Pink Paint
1 Car Shade
1 Original Lemonade Bottle
10 feet of rope
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